Process Stats
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Process Stats

Process Capability and Statistical Control Software for the Mac

Process Stats is extremely simple to use. Just collect the data, enter in an Excel csv or ASCII file, and the software does the rest. It does a complete statistical analysis of your data and produces control charts, screen reports you can save and print.
Computes All Descriptive Statistics
Determines Normality
Determines Process Capability
Determines Process Performance
Determines Process Stability
Determines Process Predictability
Displays Histogram
Displays Specification Limits and Capability
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Displays Control Charts (Average, Range and Individuals)
Determines if Control Charts are Under Statistical Control
Predicts Percent of Product Out-of-Specification (PPM)
How it works
Process Stats simplicity is done in three steps.
Step 1
Take your measurements
Control chart measurements to analyze with Process Stats App
Step 1
Place your data in csv or txt file
Control Chart data is save in a csv for analysis
Step 3
Process Stats analyzes your data
Control Chart App - Analyzes Descriptive Statistics

Average and Range Control Chart

Control Chart App - Average Control Chart and Range Control Chart

Moving Range Control Chart

Control Chart App - Moving Range Control Chart

Range Control Chart

Control Chart App - Range Control Chart


Control Chart App - Histogram
Optimized for the Mac
Process Stats was designed from the ground up exclusively for the Mac OSX operating system, in the native (Objective-C) language, thereby taking full advantage of the superior speed of the Mac CPU processor. This software is extremely fast, and accurate.
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